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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Entertaining Outdoors

During the warmer months, there is one thing my family loves is out side entertaining. It doesnt matter if it is during the day or during the evening.

And one thing we love is our outdoor open air theater. So I decided to share how I did this with my readers.

You don't need any fancy equiptment, any wall surface will do. Even the side of your house or garage can be your backdrop. If you have one you can use a white tarp or curtain as your screen.

If you have a iphone or ipod you can get a projector to attact to it and view your downloaded movies.

Avoid light sources that you can’t control, such as streetlights or those from neighbors’ homes and landscape lighting. For obvious reasons, you’ll want your theater area to be quite dark. To light a pathway for your guests to get to their seat, stake solar lights by Hampton Bay or Homebrite. For more information on outdoor lighting, check out our buying guide.
Scout a quiet spot away from the neighbors’ houses since you don’t want the sound to bother them. Finally, make sure that your location has accessible outdoor power.