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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bathroom Tile

Updating a bathroom tile is a great way to give the room a new look, and ad value to your home. There are so many designs in tile now to pick from.

Property owns usually go with ceramic. Ceramic is a mixture of clay and earth. The tiles come in different finishes, which can be glazed. They are usually inexpensive and very easy to install. Property owners usually choose ceramic due to it's low maintenance. It may need a good grout scrubbing from time to time.

Porcelain tile is another product that is often fired at a high temp, to make it more durable. Porcelain is less prone to stain and absorb any moisture. The color is uniform, so that makes scratches and chips less visible. This product is not likely to crack, and can be placed without grout lines.

Natural Stone like marble, limestone or travertine, add charm to any room. With is earthy organic feel that is not in synthetic material. Stone can be set recified, and gives off a sleek look and is easy to clean. The stone requires little to no maintenance. To mop you use neutral pH detergent or pure soap.

Mosaic tile are small squares and pre mounted on to a mesh backing which makes for a easy installation. You can then add details with out a complicated layout.

Also you can use glass as a accent on the surface or walls. Glass mosaic tiles are less expensive per foot. They instantly upgrade the style to any bathroom. Most use the glass tiles for walls, but there are some designed for floors.

With so many materials to choose from its easy to upgrade or install a bathroom floor.