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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail Information for your Home Project

On today's market, there are many varieties of nails for projects. Each one has its own purpose. From woodworking to drywall, choosing the right one can be tricky. But they all have one thing in common, they are measured by millimeters.

Nail Assortment, 7 oz

Before you begin a project it is important to get a material list ready. And the one thing that usually holds it all together is a nail. Below is some ideas of different types of nails and what you would use them for.

Round wire nails are used in rough woodworking projects. That is due to their strength ability. The heads are usually large and round, are can be visible after being nailed in.

DEWALT DCS16200 2-Inch by 16 Gauge Finish Nail (2,500 per Box)

The oval wire nails are more suited for wood attachment projects. This type nail can be buried into the surface and covered up.

Round nails are similar to your oval wire nails, and can also be buried into your wood project. They are however stronger than your oval wire nails.

Then you have tacks, short nails that have a flat wide head. Mostly used for carpets being installed and also to fix fabric onto a wood surface.

Another type is panel pins, which are small and lightweight, with very tiny little round heads. These are used for small mouldings in cabinet making.

B & C Eagle A3X131/22 Round Head 3-Inch-by-.131-Inch-by-20 to 22-Degree Plastic Collated Smooth Shank Framing Nail (500 per Box)

Although this one does not sound like a nail it is. The cut floor brad is rectangular with a shank L shape body. They are best used for fixing floorboards to joints.

Your masonry nails are solid hardened steel. Used to fasten wood to blocks.

Next is your square twisted nail, which is twisted into a wood surface. They not only provide a more permanent grip but a much tighter one. You could compare this nail to that of a screw. The cost for this type nail is usually much higher than your common nail.

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Annular nails are similar to your conventional nail, with one exception. The shank has sharp ridges for a very tight and strong grip once nailed into place. They are great for creating a strong joint.

Then we have the cloat head nail, a smaller nail similar to that of the tack. But the heads of these nails are larger and much flatter. And are also make of galvanized steel. They are strong and also durable similar to the masonry nail. They generally are used for attaching soft material to wood. Great example is roof felt to wood.

Your spring head roofing nail are inverted cup like heads, and a twisted shank, similar to your square twisted nail. These nails will exert a very strong grip on the wood in which they are nailed to. Used primarily for fastening folded sheets on timber wood.

The cut clasp nail is rectangular, similar to your cut floor brad. They can be used not only on wood but on masonry. The fit is very tight once nailed into their position. And not only that, they are almost impossible to remove.

Hardboard nails are unique with heads shaped like a diamond. These heads are hidden once nailed into hardboard.

The sprig is a tiny nail, which has a headless look. used to fasten glass into a window frame, before the putty is applied. This makes these nails invisible to the eye.

Porta-Nails 42629 1,000 Pack 2-Inch Nails

If you are doing any upholstery work, you would use a upholstery nail. These nails are similar to your tack. They are a great fixer nail. They have a dome head, which is very decorative for finish work. Great for wood chairs with coverings on them. They come in chrome, brass and other metallic metals. They also have different head sizes, making it a great choice in certain woodworking projects. 

The list of nails is endless, and available in today's market. Choosing the right nail is a task you will have to decide on. It will not only provide strength, but can be a decorative matter. So before you begin, make sure you have the right nail to do the job.