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Saturday, March 05, 2011

A lawn your neighbors will envy

Scotts 18262 Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch, 5-Pound is a great product to use in the spring.

Did you know that the way your water your lawn, is the key to having the greatest yard in the neighborhood.

In spring approach the lawn on a as needed watering time. Mother Nature will help most of the time. So when she does don't even pick up the hose. Only water if the weather has been dry. Always water if your lawn is wilted, curled or the blades of grass start to fold. If you see a color change from vibrant green to dull bluish, also add water. When walking on your lawn water if you notice less bounce.

Watering the lawn is important, but more important is to be water wise. The best time for watering is in the early morning or evening. This is because when the sun is low in the sky, you are losing less water to evaporation.

If your lawn is subjected to fungi, watering in the morning is the best. The moisture on the blades stay less than if the lawn was watered in the evening.

Make your self a watering schedule for the growing season. This will differ depending where you live. On a newly seeded or over seeded area water daily until your seeds are established.

Having the right tools will also be productive for watering. You can install a watering system that will prevent shallow roots, thatch or yellowing.

Having a above ground sprinkler will cover large areas of your lawn. Just make sure you make adjustments, to make the water fall only on the lawn or garden. Don't waste water by letting it hit the sidewalks and driveways etc. You also want to adjust the pressure so it will penetrate the soil slowly with out making puddles or run offs.

Roses, raspberries and beans are susceptible to getting diseases from to much water on their greenery. Pop up sprinklers are a better choice for these area's of your garden or lawn.

The old soaker hose is another good choice. It let's the water seep into your garden beds slowly. These hose's have three layers of tubing, two are for strength, and one inner with a flexible core. They come in various sizes, which are a great accommodation for the yard.

Next is ultra water conserving drip irrigation kits. These are great for arid climates, and around shrubs, tree's and right in gardens. They only use half as much water as a conventional sprinkler, and they apply water slowly and directly to the roots.

It's best to cover your irrigation lines with mulch or bury them under the soils surface.

In the North and South, lawns usually need one inch of water once a week. This will encourage roots to go further into the ground, and also helps make them resilient to any dry spells. A rain gauge will help you keep track of rain so you will know how much to water your lawn.

After you water for 30-60 minutes you should check the depth of penetration in the soil. Check in different area's and make adjustments with your sprinkler. This will assure the perfect coverage.

  This is a great gage for you water depth. 


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