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Friday, March 11, 2011

Patio Re Dressing

Moon rays 95540 Low Voltage Path Lighting Kit with Power PackWhy not dress up your deck or patio this spring. And make it delightful to use this coming season. Start by illuminating and defining your area with some lighting. You can do the patio, your walkway and even the garden. By doing this you can extend using these area's well after the sun Set's. Making your outdoor living space more enjoyable to.

It's always wise to map out your plans. Determine where you would like to place your lighting. Low voltage landscape lighting is readily available for this type of project.

After you have your lighting in place, make sure you program the timer according to the instructions. Also available to use, are solar lighting's.

You can also re-dress your out door space with some great decorations. Furniture and other accessories, that compliment your area is a great idea. If you already have outdoor furniture why not throw some bright summer colored pillows on the sofa or chairs. Colored containers with overflowing perennials will spruce up any spot. Make it inviting with a nice fire pit, it provides warm lighting and heat as well.

Another great idea is to hang some chimes up on your gazebo, or buy a flower pole to hang them on. The sounds are very relaxing. And speaking of relaxing, how about a out door water fountain, this will smooth your soul and mind.

Share your tips with me.