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Monday, January 31, 2011

I phone Apps Review

For my business I choose to use I phone, from Apple. I love the phone, the plans, and all the features. I wanted to share some of the apps I use, or my family uses. Yes they all have the IPhone, and my little one has a Ipod. So here we go. My wife loves her wallpapers, so she designs my phone to, so theres a wallpaper, and picture for every person calling. She uses a free app 30,000+wallpapers. You can find the app under photography. Find my IPhone is another great app. It can locate all your IPhone, and Ipod and sends a beep. It came in handy last night my daughter lost her Ipod in the house and we used the app to locate it. She found it in a drawer. Att Family Maps is another I use, it locates you via satellite and locates all your family members. Netflix is another, this comes in handy when we are out and my little one is bored. Just tap it and watch a movie. My wife has her paypal app for her ebay store, and yes there's a ebay app also. For the Ipod you have the wheel games. There are a ton to choose from. One of my other favorites that I use alot is the whats around me app, looking for a place to eat, a ATM machine, then this is a great app. Since Valentine's day is around the corner, they have alot of apps out for that right now. From cards to send to music to play. My little one has Ibook, this keeps her reading up to par. I know for me this is the best phone around.