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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Air Compressors

I use air compressors everyday for my job. So I wanted to touch base of the many different types of tools and machines that air compressors drive. What can compressed are be used for, well it can lift huge weight objects and drive large nails into lumber and concrete. If you have a compressor that is not building lasting pressure you have a problem. Without the right flow and pressure, it cannot drive or run machines. Two causes may be the limiter switch is not adjusted properly, or there is a air leak. And be aware that the tank itself is not damage, because they can explode. A happy compressor is a contractors best tool. There are a few type's on the market today, electric, gasoline, steam or even man powered. My choice is gasoline. These operate from a combustion engine platform. The use regular fuel right from the gas station. For me all my pneumatic tools are powered by my compressor. Power and portability are important. Mine stays inside my trailer, so I don't have to take it out everyday when working. If you are using a gas compressor it is important to check the fluid levels daily. I have lost compressor's from not doing this. Also I have lost compressor using leaded gasoline. I now only use regular. It's also important to drain any moisture from the air tank. This should become part of your maintenance on your compressor. Also make sure all your valves are working, and that all guards and covers are in place. Some job sites will not let you work if these guards or covers are missing. Maintaining your gas compressor will pro-long it's life, and that is valuable to any construction worker.