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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spanish Style Roofing

Another style of roofing material I would like to cover is Spanish tiles. They give any home so much character. It will defineatley outstand the other homes in any neighborhood. The tiels come in a wide variety of materials, colors, finishes, and patterns. The tiles are made of meterials that have a low moisture absorption rate, similar to clay and concrete. This helps to make them almost unbreakable. They are even tough enough to install and hold solar panels. The spanish tile is a very durable tile, and at the same time requires little maintenance. In Sourthern California and Florida, you will find that the spanish style tile is very predominant. The red style spanish tiles are very popular. Another style that is less in weight, is called a half barrel, which looks like a cylinder that was cut in half, and are ususally sixteen inches long. You many find many historical buildings today with spanish style tiles. These tiles can be removed and repaired. Any where that may have warm climates seem to favor the spanish style tile. It has a natual ability to capture light, and blends in with the natural surrounds of the home. The tile will withstand any rough weather, and are not costly when repairs are needed. But they do require occasional cleaning. When cleaning time comes, it is best to assess the tiles conditions. It is important to note when the tiles are wet they will appear darker, so it is important to look the tiles over for the dirty parts before wetting. Spraying on the far corners should be done first. You can use a power washer that is powerful and have a setting that will lift the algae or mold that may form on the tile surface. You can use a long handled brush to scrub areas that may have heavy mold and algae deposits. The rest can be sprayed with a bleach solution to remove any stains and stubborn dirt, but make sure you rinse really good.



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