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Monday, January 17, 2011

Todays Post & Review

Still no work on the board, but then again the weather doesn't look goo for this week. Today I was cleaning out our heater filter and when I went out the back door, our amazon grey parrot got out. I have been climbing trees all day. She is still up there and it is now 7pm. If she makes it through the night I will be out there bright and early. So I wanted to try and blog alittle while taking a break on shining a flashlight on her to make sure she is OK. I wanted to let everyone know about the number cleaning product that I use alot to clean grease off siding, and mold off roofing shingles. Simple Green is my choice. I sometimes don't even mix it with water, just use it straight out of the bottle. This product is from Sunshine MFG. I usually pick up a gallon bottle at my local Auto Zone store. It last me at least three months. My wife also uses it for household cleaning. She loves the scent. And with the pet's we have never had a problem. The other day we cleaned the grout on the marble floor in the kitchen and the simple green cleaned it in one two three. This product also comes in a lemon scent that my wife keeps up in the bathroom. We have a tub that was done by bath fitters and she uses the lemon scent to clean the tub. It leaves a nice shine. The best thing about simple green is that it is non toxic, so it's a "nice green economy product". This product I highly recommend.