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Friday, January 28, 2011

Construction and Marriage

Construction and Marriage, how do the two go together. Well they say behind every successful man is a good woman. And my wife put's up with alot. Being self employed there are no set hours. When I am done, that's when I am done. I can't say I am going to be home for dinner, because I don't know what the job intales until I get there. There have been day's during the summer that I start at 5am and get home at 11pm. So that mean's my wife and kids eat alot of meals with out me, do alot of activities without me. But we try as hard as we can to make weekends about family. We make our time quality, because the quality is not always there. There have been days I don't even see my little kiddo. I leave when she is asleep, and I get home and she's in bed. It's not easy being self employed. But my wife understands. She never complains. I know sometimes it's sad for her. Our anniversary is coming up next month. So I want to do something special. But I can't plan it because with all this snow there's been little work. And the first thing my wife says is "work has to come first". She's the best. We didn't even get to have a honeymoon because I had to work. We have never even had a real vacation. Mostly just weekend getaways. But as long as we stay a strong family that's all that's important. So to my wife, and all the other wife's of self employed construction workers, I hope you all have a great Valentine's day. And know you are appreciated.