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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday and still not...............................

working. I went yesterday to pick up a small paycheck for a repair I did. It will at least cover my wife's truck payment. The month is almost over though and we still have alot of unpaid bills, and money to come up with. It's fair to say the credit cards are going to have to wait. This recession is killing the construction workers. At least the ones I know. Most guy's here in New Jersey have not worked since the last snow storm after Christmas. Alot of people are hurting. Being self employed is getting harder and harder. I used to be in the resturant business I started as a bus boy, if I had stayed maybe by now I would have been a cook. My wife and I love to cook. One of our dreams is to get a lunch truck. But every time we save money of course out the door it goes. I tryed doing house's directly without subcontracting but it was to slow getting work. That's why I decided to subcontract. The plan be would have to be to give up and sell everything not nailed to the wall, buy a rv and do full time rv living. My wife assures me that it's just the winter months but it seems to get worse and worse every year. The government gave the banks all this money but yet the banks don't want to help any one.