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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Tin Roof Is

During the 18th century, tin roofs we're used. They we're call tin-plate back then. These roofs we're commonly found in Canada and soon spread to the United States, after Thomas Jefferson used this on his home. They we're easy to manufacture due to the lightweight. These roofs are still used today, and are so simple to use. The material is able to be rolled, due to it actually being steel, coated with tin. Tin will not corrode by rainwater, and is highly weather resistant. The chemically bonded tin is bonded to the steel in a plating process, the same process that is used to make galvanized nails. Also there are corrugated tin roofs, the ripples tend to stiffen the tin. Usually the corrugated tin roof if the first choice, due to it begin more easy to attach to a wood framed roof. Although these roofs are popular in some parts of the U.S, they can be very expensive to install due to the fact they are very labor intensive. Regular maintenance of a tin roof is that it needs to be painted on a regular basis. This will make the roof last even longer. Also painting the tin roof, you are able to choose from a variety of colors, but the traditional colors that most homeowners use are red or black. Before any painting is done, it is necessary to clean the tin very well with soapy water. A scrub brush will come in handy to get all the residue off. Making sure to rinse well with clean water. Let the tin roof dry completely before painting. It is important when choosing your paint, that it is intended for metal roofing. The best way to paint the roof is during the cooler hours of the day. Although tin roofs have been used for homes, they are also popular on garages, sheds, and barns. This is not the type of material to use on a sloped roof, or steep roof by yourself. It is better to let a professional do it.