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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Pneumatic nail guns

The top brand names for nail guns are Stanley, Bostitch, Porter Cable, DeWalt, Paslode, Hitachi, Makita, Senco, Bosch, Ryobi and Craftsman.The most common power nailers and are powered by air pressure from a small compressor. In order to fire a nail form the gun, a valve opens and air fills a cylinder. The cylinder has a piston which is driven downward very fast and it forces the nail into the material you are working on. Air from the compressor is released from the nail gun through an exhaust vent when the piston is fully extended. At this time the piston recoils and another nail is loaded into position. Pneumatic nail guns need constant compressed air to work properly and each nailer has certain air requirements. Nail guns operate between a range of pressure that is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). They also need a minimum volume (cubic feet per minute - cfm) of air for the best results. Manufacturers say that any restrictions in the air hose will decrease the air pressure and volume - therefore hoses that are too long, the wrong size, or have a lot of moisture will lower airflow and potential cause poor performance or premature wear. If you want your nailer to work correctly, then make sure you buy an air compressor that is equal to or greater than the requirements of your nail in terms of air pressure and air volume. There are cordless nail guns (power nailers) but instead of using compressed air from a compressor, they use flammable gas to drive nails. Gas is drained from a disposable canister and injected into a combustion chamber above the piston.