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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello I am here to

Start work on your home. The first thing I do when getting to your home is to introduce my self. Then if you want we will go over the things that will be done, and address any concerns you may have. Then before I start I take pictures where they may be needed, for instance's if I see before the start of the job there is a broken gutter. This is really for my protection, so no claims can be made that the damage came from my crew. Then I walk around and access your landscaping and other parts of the home. This is to access where tarps will be placed, as well as ladders. The next step is to place ladder jacks so your gutters are not damaged. Your landscaping is protected with large tarps also. Then by the time this is done the dumpster will arrive, if it is going to be in the driveway, plywood is put under the wheels to prevent the driveway from getting damaged. At that point work has begun. At the end of the day if you have any questions, I then address them once again. The trash is then picked up, the landscaping is gone over by hand, a rake, and also blown with a leaf blower. Also a magnet is used to pick up any nails that are on the ground. The dumpster is usually picked up the next day, unless it was the weekend and therefor will be picked up that Monday.