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Monday, February 14, 2011

Detecting a Chimney Leak on the Roof

Any property owner knows that a roof leak can cause a great deal of damage. Water can seep into the foundation of the roof, a attic or even the ceiling below the roof.

Leaks surrounding the chimney are the most common of roof leaks. This can happen due to the flashing that protects the chimney has bent, crack or even separated.

You can inspect the chimney to see where the chimney leak is coming from. Start by checking the inside the home's ceiling. You will see discoloration or even sagging. By feeling the ceiling, you can feel for signs of moisture. This would indicate that "yes" you have a leak. But do some more searching to conclude it is the chimney.

Another place to do a inspection is the attic floor where the chimney passes through. This is the area of the attic ceiling where the chimney is entering the attic. You will notice discoloration or rotten wood, even mold or mildew. Feel around these areas, checking to see if it is damp. Feeling moisture in the attic ceiling around the chimney area is a good sign you have a leak.

At this point you want to get on the roof to inspect the flashing around the chimney. Signs you are looking for, is a worn flashing, missing caulk, cracks or even broken pieces. Caulk missing is the easiest repair, this can just be re-caulked. The bent, broken or missing pieces need to be done by a professional.