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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Indoor Garden Veggie's

One of my favorite past times is gardening. And I use alot of my home grown veggies, in my cooking. Nothing taste better than fresh home grown veggies. Some vegetables can grow all year long in the home. So I wanted to share with my readers some tip's on how I do it.

The plants will grow great with enough warmth, light and love. I grow not only herbs, but my salad greens all year round. Not only is it economical, but I know they are always on hand when I want to use them. So veggies can only grow outside, but you can start them indoors under artificail lights, which gives them a great head start.

What I do is to attach my florescent lights under a steardy shelf. They have to be spaced out evenly so the plants get nice even light. I find two single bulbs work better. This way I can use a warm bulb, and a cool bulb. It gives a great full sprectrum of lighting for the plants.
On the shelf I have, I place my tray with seedlings on it. And above that is another shelf with more lights. I provide eight hours of light a day. At night I turn the bulbs off, because plants also need dark to grow well. If your seedlings are hardening, it is time for a transition. Place them outdoors, increasing the time over a couple of days. It helps with them to adjust to the outside environment. Fruit vegetables need to finish growing indoors.
Share a garden tip if you have one.