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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are you saving energy

Now with our economy you have to do as much as you can to put money in your pocketbook. And at the same time help save our planet for our children's future. With some little adjustments in our daily lifestyles, we can do alot. So I wanted to share a few with what we do in our home.

First off we try as best as we can to make our showers short. Most of the time people have a idea that if you don't take a long shower you aren't getting clean. When in fact all you are doing is feeding the drain more water. And don't forget your hot water has to be heated so there goes the utility bill. Make sure your hot water heater is set to 120 degree's. It saves energy and you still get plenty of hot water.

Also setting your home's thermostat to a more efficient setting is a good tip. You can get a electric thermostat that has a timer on it.  During the day for our home, my wife keeps a mid temp, and at night we turn it down. This is the opposite of what they say to do, but my wife would rather have it warm when getting up and showered, then she turns it down and we uses extra sleeping blankets.

A long time ago my wife started unplugging certain things that we're not being used every day. Even things that we did use we just plug in when we need them. Leaving things plugged in still uses power. It doesn't matter if that appliance is turned off or not.

Also the light bulbs, change them to compact fluorescent if you can. There are alot of energy sufficient light bulbs now on the market.

Most homes have ceiling fans, but did you know that they had two switch directions on them. In winter months your fan should spin clockwise pulling down that warm air. During the summer months, your fan should be spinning counter clockwise helping out your air conditioner.

The biggest money saver is making sure your installation is up to the job. When your home has proper installation you are not only saving money but saving energy.

Next will be your doors and windows. Check those weather strips. You can be loosing air, or gaining air.

Do you have a tip to share?