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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring equals Compost

With Spring coming I have decided this year to make a compost bin, and make my own compost. I was told having compost is like having "black gold". Not only is it good for the environment, it is great for the soil.

I can use my compost to not only improve my garden soil, but to fertilize my entire lawn. I have already started saving my ingredients. Instead of throwing my kitchen scraps away I have put them to work for me. Doing this will save me alot of money that I normally spend on Fertilizer.

Remembering that composts is decomposed organic matter I want to make it a quality and watch what I make it from.

Some things I have been saving for my compost:

Egg shells
* Coffee grounds and leftover coffee from the pot
* Coffee filters
* Tea bags and grounds
* Fruit and vegetable peels and scraps
* Leftover cooked rice
* Shredded newspaper (black and white print only)
* Old or dried-out herbs and spices
* Matches (paper or wood)
* Houseplant trimmings
* Cooked or uncooked plain pasta
* Corn cobs and husks
* Nut shells
* Seafood shells (rinsed first)
* Fish bones
* Leftover wine and beer
* Wine bottle corks
* Pencil shavings
* Wood fireplace ashes
* Hair and fur
Grass clippings
* Green weeds
* Flowers and fallen leaves
* Chopped twigs
* Wood chips
* Pine needles
* Straw or hay
Using my compost I know now I will feed and condition my soil. The compost will retain the moisture and reduce pests. So I am looking forward to a great garden this year.
Do you have a compost tip?