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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting rid of house flies

We all know how annoying flies are when eating outdoors. And who wants to spray insect sprays around the food, or hand nasty looking fly strips up. A natural way to do it is with clove seeds. This will work indoors and outdoors.
To start push about twenty cloves into a sweet ripe apple, it doesn't matter what kind of apple you use. Place the apple in the middle of your picnic table or your kitchen counter any where really where you are having a problem. You can also keep flies away by adding a few drops of clove oil to your cleaning supplies. Just don't spray the mixture on any fabric it may stain. You can also place the oil in your mop water and glass cleaner as well. It will not only make your house smell good it keeps the flies away.
You can also make clove bouquets and hang around the home. Your can make your clove bouquets more decorative by adding dried flowers or ribbons. For large areas, such as barns, take a old nylon stocking and fill with 1/4 cup clove powder and hang where needed.
It's as easy as that.