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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Quick Deck Decor Idea's

If you have a deck on your home, you want to make this space feel inviting not only to family but to friends. Make it your outdoor living space, a place where you want to relax and entertain.

You can start with some bistro lights. You can use a string of Christmas lights with large bulbs. They can be hung on rails or above your deck in dramatic hanging ways. It creates a warm atmosphere, changing your deck into a glowing environment, similar to a out door eatery.

Add some colored chairs around your deck. Or cover your chairs with different colored chair pads. Using two colors gives you a rainbow effect. Paint the chairs if you use new cushions, so they match. It will create a inviting feel to your seating area.

  • Old wood tables, or plastic out door tables can come in handy. If you have wood, try some crackle paint after you repaint them. You will create a shabby chic effect to the table.