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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Floribunda Roses

Rosa "Confetti" (Floribunda Rose), Yellow & Pink Edged Flower, Tea Fragrance Photographic Poster Print by Linda Burgess, 24x18

In Latin Floribunda means many flowers. This is quite fitting for the floribunda rose, that grows in clusters on a rose stem. They are a crossbreed of your hybrid tea rose and the polyantha rose, and are very colorful. It is a hearty rose that will grow four feet tall. They have a long growing season and are easy to grow and also maintain. Often the floribunda rose is used in flower arrangements. When you plant them find a nice sunny area with good rich soil and make sure it will have room to spread its roots. Before you plant, fill your rose bucket with water and soak the bare roots for two hours before you plant it. Then you will remove the rose and plant.