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Monday, June 13, 2011

Plants for your trellis

There's nothing more beautiful then flowers or plants growing upwards. When you have plants growing on a trellis they decorate, screen or frame your garden. Your annual climbing plants are lighter than your perennial, but both need good support.
There are many climbers to use for your trellis. These climbers provide a variety of landscape solutions. Your trellis will provide support for your climber where ever you will use it. It's your way of growing climbers any where you wish to decorate where ever you wish. They do double duty in hiding objects that are unsightly. Like garbage cans, utility areas, central air units and so forth. They become beautiful screens.
Flowering climbing plants include annuals such as morning Glory's and nasturtiums, hyacinth bean and snapdragon, as well as the black eyed Susan and canary creeper vine. These are fast sprouting climbers, if you plant them in warm rich soil, in a sunny location. They grow very quickly in the spring and summer. Your trellis will be covered in a few months. If you are looking for perennial climbers go for your climbing roses, trumpet vine, clematis, wisteria and bougainvillea. These all product woody growth and require a strong trellis.
Also there are fast growing evergreens, like your English ivy, trailing arbutus, and Japanese honeysuckle, or climbing hydrangea. Your English ivy is very aggressive and needs a tall trellis. Your arbutus will need a trellis and pinning.
Also there is your fruit climbers, grapes, kiwi, passion fruit and raspberries. These climbers need full sun and a rich soil with organic matter in order to produce a full fruit harvest. Some climbers are tropical and will not work in cold climates. Wide trellis's are best for your fruit climbers.