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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Windowsill Herb Garden

Did you know growing fresh herbs on your windowsill will give you fresh herbs all year round. Not only are they great for cooking but they are lovely plants. They will add a nice touch to your kitchen decor, and also add some great aroma. Fresh herbs in your recipes add more flavor also then using dried ones. Herbs that are good for growing indoors are chives, mint, thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary, marjoram and oregano.
Buy your herbs small at any garden center. Your plants should be compact with even colors. You don't want long spindly plants.
Get your pot ready, for each herb you will plant. Don't mix your herbs, they have different growing requirements. Your containers should have good drainage holes, and should be 6 inches deep. You should also have a drainage saucer under your pot.
Use well drained commercial potting soil in your pots. Then you want to add a handful of perlite or sand, to help with drainage.
Place your herb plants in your pots. Plant each plant the same depth, and water. Place your herbs on your windowsill, where they will get five to six hours of sunlight per day.
You want to water when your soil feels completely dry. Allow the water to drain, than empty your saucer, never allow the pot to stand in water as they will rot.
You will want to fertilize your herbs every two to three weeks in the spring and summer months, with a water soluble, organic fertilizer for your indoor plants.
Do not withhold your fertilizer during the fall and winter months. Do not over fertilize either, this will decrease your flavor of the herbs.