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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roof types for sheds

You could be using your shed for storage or as a workshop. But what ever the reason is, you can make it fit into your landscaping. Even though it's just a functional structure, why can't it be attractive. That's where the roof type comes in to play. Your traditional shed roof is a match for your shed only. It has features as a single rectangular surface, and the high point is along your sheds wall. It is a effective basic option to your shed, which is usually only for storage. Gable roofs are found on homes, but now they can be applied to shed's. This will give your shed two sloping sections that meet in a ridge in the center of your shed. It will result in a upside down V shape with triangular walls that support each side of your shed. This will give you extra storage space in the shed beneath the roof or headroom. Another variation of a gable is the gambrel roof. If you have a large shed this will give it enough space to add a second floor or a under roof storage area. If that's not what you are looking to do, it will provide you with plenty of headroom. Similar to the gambrel is the mansard roof. This to provides additional space beneath your roof, creating valuable space for headroom or to add a second floor. So when getting a shed think about changing that shed roof style and get more out of your shed by changing the roof type.