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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making your own shade outdoors

Everyone loves the outdoors, and now you can to, by expanding a outdoor living space in your yard. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the warm weather and to entertain your family and guests. It is even more enjoyable by creating your own shade, that will also add beauty and charm to your home and yard. Permanent shade structures can also add value to your home as well. And having a comfortable yard or even a patio will get alot of use.

You can start your own shade project by planting some shade trees. They may not bring the shade right away, but over time they will. Not only will the trees provide shade but will add value to your property. Some trees will grow faster than other so check with your salesman at the nursery which would do best for you in your area. Trees that are quite large are available for sale. Make sure you pick the best spot for them, so they are not over crowding your home, and that they will block the sun, when it is the hottest time of day.
A second idea is to add umbrellas and canopies to your patio. Outdoor market umbrellas are a great idea. This will give you shade when you need it immediately. And they are flexible and movable when need be. Also they are easy to install.
Having a pergola or arbor is another shade idea that is charming as well. Your can purchase these or build them your self. Adding fast growing flowering or vines will add to these structures shade abilities.
Another creative idea is shade cloth. A fun DIY outdoor shade project. It is easy to do and affordable in cost. Also you can close in a porch with shade cloth fabric, canvas or bamboo. It's all up to you and what you like.