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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rust and Tile

Glad your back Evielynne!

OK, lets get started. You have a tile surface, and it has a rust stain. You don't have to panic, with several options you can get the rust stain out. The best thing to do first is to try a natural method, if that doesn't work there are always commercial cleaners.

One way to get the rust stain out of your tile is to use a abrasive cleaner. Just rub gently because this method can damage the tile finish, especially if the tile is marble.

Another method is the pumice bar. These volcanic rocks are mild and just may do the trick.

The next tip is white vinegar and salt paste. These are ingredients right in your kitchen.

Lemon juice from a fresh lemon and salt is another abrasive cleaner you can make yourself.

The last option is to purchase a commercial cleaner.

Hope you find these tips helpful.