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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Holidays on a Budget

We all know that times are tough for alot of people right now. And with the Holiday's coming the pressure is felt more by them, than maybe others. But on a budget or not you can still have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Just with a few simple ideas you can have a wonderful decorated home and a hefty meal without paying tons.
It really isn't about the decor, Thanksgiving is really all about family and being together for a good time, and a good meal. For the table as far as decor, you can use simple things like a bowl of fruit and pine cones from the backyard. Just placing some branches in a tall vase makes a wonderful arrangement. Acorns in a glass jar and some candles is another table decor idea. If you have any left over pumpkins they to with some acorns and pine cones can make a eye catching table centerpiece.
For a hefty meal that will not cost you a fortune, how about making the dinner a family effort. If everyone brings a dish, before you know it you have a family feast fit for a king. Need stuffing, how about using that day old bread, instead of throwing it out. For the bird alot of stores now have free turkeys for spending a certain amount, so check the bottom of your receipt. Don't go over board on pies that can be costly, try making some cookies with the kids shaped into pumpkins and candy corn.
Get everyone involved and have a wonderful and decorative Thanksgiving. Make it a family affair.