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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Child Proofing Tips

If you have children you know how important it is to child proof your home or apartment. The first thing you want to do is to make sure your children can not get out of the home or apartment, or get into rooms that have not been child proofed yet.

If you have little ones, door knob covers come in handy, they prevent those little hands from getting a grip to turn the door knob and open the door. They are a good choice for all the doors in your home or apartment.

Closet doors are another place little ones can get in to and get hurt, so placing the knob covers there will help with this problem. The one down fall is if you have a lever type door handle, these type of handles are hard to child proof.

Don't forget those cabinet doors, they pose unsafe grounds for children also. Make sure especially in the bathroom and kitchen that these cabinets are secure. For this to be safe you can install interior latch's or external locks.

Also you can install interior draw locks to prevent wondering hands into any drawers in the kitchen. Also for kitchen safety don't for get those burners, get burner covers, and a oven tip safety feature to prevent accidents.

There are also latches for toilet seats, and other appliances in your home to prevent little ones from opening them.

Then you have the stairs in the home or apartment, safety gates here will help to prevent children from falling or climbing up the stairs. Safety gates can be placed in doorways also, from keeping the little ones from going into rooms completely.

In high rise apartments or second floor windows in homes, window guards are a great idea to have installed. No one wants to have a child fall out a window.

If your home has a fireplace, make sure you have it secure so your little one can not get close and get burned.

Also some other tips include making sure your hot water is not to hot, check the temp of your hot water heater. Smoke detectors on all levels of your home or apartment is another great safety feature. Carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms, and electrical outlet covers are another safety tip to keep little ones safe.

If your furniture has hard corners, you may want to place some type of cushion on the ends. Try also to avoid glass end tables or glass coffee tables until the children are much older.

If you use blinds you may want to shorten or cut the cords so your child can not reach it. Also if you have furniture that can tip over, why not secure it to the wall.

Although accidents happen, you can try to avoid them with these simple steps.