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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mice in Mobile Homes

Finding mice any where can be unsettling, even if you find them in your mobile home. Mice do carry disease and leave germs, so who wants them around. But even if you live in a mobile home, you can combat mice. With the right management you can prevent mice from your mobile home, and live mice free.

Keeping mice from getting to any food is the first vital step to take. Keeping your garbage outside is the best way to store it.

If you have any piles around your mobile home of junk items, its best to get rid of it. Keeping piles of junk any where gives mice a place to make their nest. This goes the same for outside items like toys and garden supplies. If you keep them stored away properly, mice will not mess in them.

Keeping your yard neat and clean will help to. Leaves are another place mice like to make their nest in. It also gives them a warm place to give birth to their babies.

Caulk any openings in and outside of your mobile home. This will keep mice from coming in the crevices. Remember mice are small and can get in through small cracks. If you have any holes, say from wiring, stick some steel wool in the holes.

Poisonous bait can be used also, but be careful if you have children or pets.

Check the skirting on your mobile home as well, mice will use this for a entrance into your home.

Just keeping up and cleaning will keep your home rodent free.