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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cleaning up Doggie Accidents

If you have a dog, it will at some point have a accident on your carpet. The way you take care of cleaning it, will determine if your pet will go there again. It may look clean to you, but to your dogs nose, well he can still smell his own scent. And in that case, he will make a deposit there again. In order to remove the smell you must use a enzymatic cleaner. What these are, is cleaners that contain bacteria and enzymes that ill digest all the proteins in the pets waste. Therefore neutralizing the order, and not masking it. You can make your own cleaner, store bought cleaners have ammonia and this makes the problem even bigger. Pet urine already contains ammonia, and using store bought products only makes the smell stronger for louring the pet back to the same spot. Steam cleaning is not a solution either, the heat sets the stain permanently into your carpet. The best way to rid the smell is to soak the spot with your enzyme cleaner for ten minutes. Then blot it up and allow the spot to dry. This may need to be done twice, depending on the spot. The stain may be removed with liquid dish soap, warm water, and vinegar.