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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Wonder Product

Do you know the one thing we all have in our home that is called a wonder product? Well its also known as vinegar. There are so many things you can do with it besides using it in cooking.

Vinegar originally came from wine that had gone rotten. And today in thousands of homes it is the number one staple.

Uses for it, is in the hundreds. It can be used on and in our homes, our cars, our gardens and so much more.

Here is just a few ideas what vinegar can be used for. First its great for hardwood floor cleaning, one cup vinegar diluted with one gallon of warm water will clean them. Mildew problem, vinegar used straight from the bottle will clean your tile and your grout mildew.

Vinegar will also kill not only weeds, but that nasty looking stuff that grows between our side walk cracks.

Our pets can benefit from vinegar also. Its great for itchy scaly ears. This is done with one tablespoon of vinegar to four tablespoons of water. Put solution on a rag and clean your pets ears. Vinegar also gets rid of skunk smells for those pets that happen to get sprayed. You can also spray vinegar around the yard to keep felines at bay.

Vinegar in your dish washer not only cleans the dish washer it can be used in the rinse cycle.

For your car, you can put vinegar in with your washer fluid, also wipe it diluted onto your windows to keep them frost free.

To keep your cut flowers fresh a pinch of sugar with a pinch of vinegar will do the job.

Add some vinegar to your laundry and you can see stains like ketchup and mustard disappear.

And you can of course clean your coffee pot with vinegar. Just make a pot of coffee with hot water and vinegar and see how shiny your pot looks.