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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If you are a DIY do person, you know you are saving tons of money. And you are also putting a personal touch on your project. Here are just some idea's for the DIY person.

How about making your own headboard. Maybe for your bedroom, or your child's, this is a great weekend project.

Even painting a room is a great DIY project, getting it done by a professional can be not only timely but pricey.

How about refinishing some old table tops and re surfacing them. It's a in the garage project, but if you pick up some old tables some place you can make them to fit your style decor.

Putting some molding or chair railing up in a room not only adds style, but can save your walls from getting hit by chairs. Its easy and can add so much depth to your room.

If you like painting, how about doing some faux on a wall in your home. You can give the room your own personal touch.

For the real thrifty and crafty person, you can even make some new lambs to go in any of your rooms.

What ever DIY project you are doing, it will be with your own style and touch.