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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Green at the Laundromat

You don't have to only be green at home, you can be green even at your local laundromat as well. And while doing so you can also save your self a little money.

First tip is, instead of using several washers and dryers, try to fill one up as much as you can. Instead of throwing a few pieces into several washers and dryers, this save water, but saves you money.

Using cold water, helps your clothes from fading, but also is green in a water it leaves little carbon in the air.

On the market today is green laundry soap, this is a big help in going green.

Two products in every home white vinegar and baking soda. These two ingredients are the earths most friendly laundry products. The vinegar helps reduce odor and softens your clothes and therefor no fabric softener is needed. Also baking soda helps with odors and helps boosts the performance of your detergent as well as your bleach.

When getting ready to dry your cloths try and grab one that is already warm. The left over heat will dry your clothes faster, which will save you money.

Keeping a clean lint trap will also help to save energy, this is not only good at home but for the laundromat to.

Of course on a sunny day, hanging your clothes out, not only makes them smell fresh, but saves money and energy. You can also get indoor clothes lines as well.