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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bedroom Colors

Thinking about painting your bedroom, here are some traditional colors that may help you make a decision. Colors are not just about cream walls, there are new colors that make your bedroom warm and inviting. Colors such as citrus, orange, even lime green are fast becoming popular.

Kids bedrooms are no longer pink for girls, blue for boys. Yellow has become one of the most popular, and can be for girls or boys rooms. Red has also become a favorite of girls and boys, and comes in may hue's.

Your standard white colors also now come in many hues. There are soft whites, cream whites, and whites that can be tinted. Three walls white, and one colored wall, give your bedroom dimension.

For older historical hues, burgundies are great. Midnight blue is another favorite. Blues give your room a feeling of wealth and royalty. Doing three walls paint, and one wall in wall paper gives a whole new look to your bedroom.