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Monday, August 29, 2011

Home inspection and MOLD

When buying a home the last thing you want to find is mold. Make sure to inspect for mold infestation before you finalize your sale.

Mold spores can grow and cause great health problems, and even more extensive home repairs. Know what to look for, or get professional help.

Sometimes mold is hard to find. It comes in many colors, like black, white, grey or green. It can survive in damp spots or hide between walls and floors. It can also make you very sick, including allergies and irritation that will affect your eyes, nose, skin, and throat. It can even cause damage to your lungs. Mold can even cause harm to your pets.

You can do your own inspection. Look for water in the basement and water marks on walls, leaky pipes, leaky windows or a leaky ceiling. Sniff for musty smells in the rooms. Ask your Realtor if the home was built with synthetic stucco, and ask upfront for a disclosure on any water or mold problems.

You can ask your inspector to look for mold issues, and write a report. If you think you have hidden mold hire a professional to test the home. They can test the air in the home and get samples from the walls.

Before you buy, negotiate the removal of the mold with the seller, this should also bring the value of the home down. Make sure you get prices and know the cost of mold removal.