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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smoke detector false alarms

Any homeowner knows that your smoke alarm can go off even for non emergency's. This can be due to several factors. That is why it is important to plan and position your smoke detectors carefully. There are two types of alarms, ionization and photoelectric, both carry false alarms if installed improperly.

You can place a smoke detector on the ceiling and wall as well. How ever you do not want to install it near a oven, stove, or toaster. This is due to residual cooking causing smoke false alarms. You will want to install your detector several feet or more away from your bathroom as well. Shower steam will interrupt the sensor inside your detector.

Of course you do not want your smoke detector any where near your fireplace as well.

Also keep your smoke detectors away from any wood shops, dust can also trigger false alarms.